Just a Touch of Bling

Everyone needs just a touch of bling. It really helps jazz up your day! This necklace sports a touch of green bling, not too vibrant, kind of subtle, just enough. I wired it in a teardrop shape that really compliments the vintage piece. And of course, added my fav, the funky chunky chain!

Hope you add just a touch of bling to your day! Kris


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2 responses to “Just a Touch of Bling

  1. Regina Evard


    Thank you so much for recreating the necklace with not too much bling for me at the Handmade Market and for the earrings. I think I just may start wearing jewlery again. I use to wear it 30 year ago when I was much younger. I enjoyed meeting you, you seem so nice and if you are ever in Arizona please drop me a note, I would love to meet you again.
    Regina Evard

  2. Regina, Thank you! I was so much fun meeting! I am honored that my jewelry started you wearing jewelry again! Love the earrings on you too! And I especially loved your idea of making your necklace into a badge holder too! Thanks! Have a great day!

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