No More Tears…. just teardrops!

Gosh, I think this has to be one of my new favorites… It happened on its own. Okay, my hands again… but it wasn’t a vision I had.

I started by creating  teardrop frame of heavier gauge wire, and I created a few more teardrops, each one smaller on the inside of the other. I wrapped them together, made the bail with the same wire and finished it by wire wrapping the base of the bail.

I then took some of my favorite vintagy beads from a necklace… I adore the worn look of the beads and the different textures. I just started looping, playing with wire and stringing the beads until I had a row of loopy silly wire and beads. I then started at the base of the bail and wrapped the finer gauge wire to the base of the bail. I secured the strand of loopy wire and beads to the teardrops all the way around the teardrop base and back up to the bail. I then took this vintage white flower and placed it in the center of the teardrop … and no more tears, just one teardrop vintagy white and whispy pendant!

Does it look like a teardrop? Can you see the loopy wire… I had so much fun with that! I wish I had taken pics as I was creating it, but it was labor day weekend and I was sitting in a waterpark creating while watching my kids swim! We were all happy!

I hope you have a tearfree, happy, whispy loopy day!


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One response to “No More Tears…. just teardrops!

  1. This design is unique and very one of a kind looking. I like it!
    Love to see designers creating their own look and style like you’re doing. A sign of a true creative genius…
    Gretchen Schaumann

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