Feelin’ Blue? Then this one’s for you!

I found a vintage blue necklace a few years ago… It was broken, but I loved the color tones and textures. I guess I have been hoarding it, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

I have had this key for quite a while. It is awesome, rusty with a little red vintage paint on it. I happened to set the key by the necklace while I was contemplating a combination. I had to set aside the pendant I was working on because this combination hit me instantaneously. I broke down the necklace and wired the cool blue beads and pearls created the circle of wire and added the vintage key. It is weird how it happens sometimes… like it is not really my hands creating. I like the outcome though… so thanks whoever’s hands they were! lol

For those days when you are feeling blue...


or gray, or many other colors… This necklace will compliment so many color combinations…

I do hope you are not feeling blue today! Even though the Minnesota weather today has me wishing for the 90 degree weather again!

Have a fantastic day! Kris

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