Happy 11th Birthday Sawyer!

Wow, eleven years ago today, my sweet son Sawyer was born. He was 6 1/2 weeks early, I was on bed rest for 2 1/2 months and hospitalized for 2 weeks prior to his arrival. We lost his heart rate and they had to perform an emergency C-section. He was not responding when he was born and they whisked him off to the NICU right away. He was born at 6:55 pm and we did not get to see him until 11:00 pm. I was frantic by the time we got to see him. They wheeled me in my bed to the NICU to take a peek. He was so sweet. He weighed 6 lbs, 9 oz, so he was huge for how early he was. He was a giant in the NICU… (‘course his brother was 11 lbs, 7 oz so they said he would have been about 11 pounds at full term too.)

Sawyer is a joy… He had the most amazing crawl, he lifted one whole leg that was folded and pushed it ahead of him and dragged his other leg… so adorable. He overcame a lot of odd… He started reading books at 4, and singing songs like an angel. Every word and inflection of the little mermaid song. He has always been fascinated with mermaids, fish, oceans, and dinosaurs.

Here he is at the science museum when he was 6.

He has developed into a little man. He got his cell phone today from Grandma & Grandpa… I am so excited for him.

He was born on Labor day, for years I could not remember which was which… Labor Day or Memorial Day… Now I remember, Sawyer was born on “Labor Day” 🙂

Sawyer, you are a blessing, your giving spirit and the love that you have for life is evident every day. I love you buddy! I am so proud to be your Mom!

So I am throwing a picture of a ring I recently made with a vintage rhinestone pin. I am lovin’ it.

May today find you filled with the joy of your family and friends!



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5 responses to “Happy 11th Birthday Sawyer!

  1. Sawyer

    Hi mom it’s Sawyer I love you

  2. Hi Sawyer, I love you too! Love you to infinity and beyond!

  3. Sawyer

    ur the best ian challenged me to type alot of words, so i love you ur the best.

  4. Eli

    Hello Kris its eli. thanks for letting sawyer spend the night.

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