Got A Handle On It? Well At Least I Have a Grip On It!

Okay, I don’t have a handle on everything… My house is never perfect, our dirty clothing pile is NEVER empty, It is not uncommon to trip over shoes or toys… but my kids are happy and pretty well-adjusted. 😉 

I would rather have a happy family than a perfectly coiffed house, and believe me, our home is far from perfectly coiffed!  I love how my husband, Tom started working with our kids recently though. He always has such a great perspective or unique way to view things. His most recent brilliant vocab word is IMPACT. 

Okay kids, pick up your impact items. Every item that you drop has an impact on our entire family. If you reduce your impact, our home will stay cleaner and we will all be happier! 

I love him. He is such a great Dad! I would never have thought to describe it that way. 

Got A Handle On ItNecklace with Vintage Glass Door Handle

The first necklace that I created with a vintage glass door handle was about 2 years ago… I sold it right away and never took a photo of it. I finally started to make them again. The glass sparkles, I added some crystals and really worked the wire to balance the vintage piece. Hope you like it!
Hope you at least have a grip on everything you need to, and I would love to know that you let go of the rest to have a happy life!
Have a fabulous day!

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One response to “Got A Handle On It? Well At Least I Have a Grip On It!

  1. i think it is super gorgeous!! you are amazing talented………

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