Precious Child, great shopper…

My daughter Kya, who is 9 years old traveled with her friend to their cabin last weekend. After the weekend away, my daughter bounces in the door and runs to me excitedly. “MOM, we went garage SALE-ING!!!! And I found you some AWESOME things!!!!” She is such a sweet child to be thinking of me and what I would love when she could have shopped only for herself. And boy did she find some terrific finds… I am going to feature one of my favorites today. I have worn it for two days in a row (that never happens 🙂 ) And I will never be able to sell this one… it is so precious to me.

A precious gift...

 This vintage piece that my precious child found is a vintage brooch with clear rhinestones and is missing a couple of stones which totally adds to its charachter. I wrapped it and created a nest out of wire for it and hung it on a chunky chain. It can be worn doubled around the neck or long.

Thank you Kya for the precious gift. I will hold it dear to my heart.

May your day be filled with precious moment that you can treasure! Kris

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