Feeling a lot of Love…

I hope you had a great weekend filled with sunshine!

We enjoyed a slower pace this weekend than most. Sawyer had camp week for the St. John’s Boys Choir, so we enjoyed their performance at Mass at the St. John’s Abbey. I downloaded a new app for my iPhone. I love the simplicity of the operation but the images I just saved, saved in a very low quality… I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to post two of the same images, the first one I created from my iPhone app, the second the old-fashioned more time-consuming way on my computer… Just want to compare quality on my blog.

Keegan and Sawyer


A word about the boys… Keegan on the left is 12, going into middle school (7th) this year. He was irritated with me because I wanted to take a photo! Actually disgusted with me… He is not “into” photos right now! Sawyer is on the right, he is going into 5th grade this year. He was sweaty but happy. I believe it was about 90 degrees in the church and they had t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, ties and their choir gowns on. Whew! Amazing concert though! Love my boys… Kya was at a friends cabin for the weekend.

Keegan & Sawyer (edited on my computer)

I got to spend the rest of the day yesterday creating jewelry, filling orders and preparing for The Handmade Market.  I will have more photos later of the jewelry I made this weekend.  Here is a peek at some jewelry I made at the Art Crawl.

This necklace really exudes Love…

Vintage Love

This pic is also from my new program… hope they look okay. See why I love the frames? I love this necklace… I really needed to do very little with it… wire it so it could hang on a long chain or short. The intricate detail on this vintage piece is amazing!

Hope… thinking of a friend and her family today as they wait to find out what stage her Dad’s lung cancer is. I am so tired of hearing of friends and family who have cancer. Sending lots of hope their way!


I hope you have an amazing day filled with Love and Hope!

Hugs, Kris


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3 responses to “Feeling a lot of Love…

  1. the images are beautiful. the boys………..delightful! Sawyer in his joy, Keegan, even in his frustration!!! The last necklace is my favorite today………………love the wire wrap you did, you are super duper creative!!! all my love!!

  2. Thank you Karlene! You are too kind! 🙂 and always complimentary of me! Love you my sister!

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