Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine…

I love this quote by Anthony J D’Angelo. It is so true. The sky can be pouring down rain, but I if I choose to bring my own sunshine and happiness, my day will be cheery instead of dreary!

It seems lately at work that many people are moping around, the weight of the world is weighing heavily on their shoulders. I wish I could brighten up their days. It starts to wear on you. I am thankful for my job in an economy that not everyone has a job to go to. I am thankful that I like my job. While it is not my job to brighten everyone’s day, I can work on spreading a little more sunshine while I work. I have decided to stop worrying about the weather and carry my own sunshine with me. Maybe a little sunshine will cheer everyone up!

My necklace of the day reminds me of sunshine because it was created for my by Kya, my 9 year old daughter. We love making jewelry together. She is dedicated and creative and has her own view of what looks great. She would like to start her own jewelry line, so that is one  of our upcoming projects.

Kya's Creation

Kya created this pendant with clay, we baked it, she painted it and finished it and then I wired it and added the multi chain necklace for it. I get so many compliments when I wear it. My children are sunshine!

Thanks so much, have a terrific day! Enjoy the sunshine! Kris

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