Love & Peace to you today!

Hello Friends,

I hope that you can find some time today to relish in your love and have peace in your heart. There are times when life stresses us out and we rush through so quickly… I am guilty. I often rush my kids to finish eating, get ready faster, go out the door more quickly. It does seem like we are always pushing time, but I am going to work on being more peaceful and sharing my love today!

Love & Peace 2 You!!!

In the absence of any new photos and wanting to share a quick post today, thought I would take a quick pic with my new phone of the necklace I am wearing today. Hence the theme, peace and love! So in love with the peace heart!!!

This peace heart is a found object from Paris that I created into it’s own pendant with three beautiful quartz stones. I added a few extra pendant charms to the chain to make the finished look of the day.  I Paired it with a black long sleeve shirt (It was 51 degrees in Minnesota this morning) and denim. It actually feels great to wear long sleeves after the sweltering August heat we have had lately!

I hope that your day is filled with Love and Peace!

Your Jewelry Junkie, Kris

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