iLove my new iPhone, but does it love me?

igot my new phone for my birthday and received it a week ago from my Mom & Dad, love you Mom & Dad! (she signed the card iMom & $Dad – too funny!)

iLove it… so much more than my smart phone. I do miss making jokes about my smart phone… People would ask, what kind of phone is that? and I would say, “it’s a smart phone, but it didn’t make me any smarter!” Ha Ha Ha…. I know, sick humor!


I used it frequently at the Art Crawl on Friday (had a fabulous time, met many people, reunited with friends and truly enjoyed a full day of creating jewelry). iWatched the weather, iChecked Facebook, iTexted, iCalled… and I created a notes for a couple of customers. One note was to search for a gemstone and call them back… Fastforward to yesterday, when I decided to make another note, my app opened the last note I had made and I hit the little button that has the arrow and the X on it thinking it was the return button… After three hits and no return, iNoticed that i had erased the last 3 digits of the phone number of the client I am supposed to call…. OMGoodness! My client did take my card, but UGH, I dread that they would think for an instant that i forgot about them or didn’t follow through on my word! So please, please, please let them call me to follow up soon!

The moral of the story is…. Don’t ever leave the phone number for last and know what you are hitting when you hit a button! I do love my iPhone, but it might me a little smarter than me… just like my old smart phone!

Princess Kya

And how is it that my kids know more about my new phone than I do??? Here is a photo of my princess, Kya on the day of her pageant. Love her!

Enjoy today! Kris

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