The Secret of Life is to DARE!

Hello World!
What a beautiful day. We are so thankful to have had an amazing weekend. We really enjoyed our time as a family, a little bit of running. Thankful to have Keegan back home from camp, safe and sound and he had a joyful time!

Often their are dreams that are simply always in your mind, but for some reason we never have the courage to step up and take the risk. We all know that if we don’t take risks, we don’t succeed. The message on this necklace resulted my own sabatage of myself. I have a goal and for some reason I have just not taken the risk yet. One of my goals (baring my soul here) is to have my work published in magazines. I enter the submission deadlines in my calendar, but for the past two months, I allow those deadlines to slip by me. I am going to DARE this week!!! I will not let myself sabotage my dreams and goals. The secret of life is to DARE and I am going to do just that! What are you going to do this week? I encourage you to step out of your box and reach for your dreams!

The Secret to Life is to DARE

Today, I hope you have the courage to Dare! Have a Fabulous day!

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