Say Cheese… (or cheesie? cheesey? how do you spell cheesie anyway?)

I realize that my photos are really not up to par… I really enjoy taking photos, especially of my children. But they always look more cheesie than professional.

My camera is about 5 years old, three years ago my three children received cameras for Christmas from Gram & Grandpa, so often I borrow their cameras for my photos. One of these days I will have my high quality camera & a cleaning person, maybe a maid and a swimming pool and my own orginizational person and an assistant! LOL, well just dreaming a little. I love to read professional photographer blogs, okay well not so much read and browse with amazement through their ability to capture life in action.

I would love to know what others use for a camera. I would love a simple camera, maybe with a macro button and not too much manual focus required… What camera would you get if you could go buy any camera tomorrow?

My Snow Bunny - Age 5 (now almost 10!)

My Smiler - Always has a smile on his face.

I am thankful to be able to capture their smiles and capture memories with each image. Maybe borrowing my children’s cameras isn’t that bad!

A memory captured in one of my first photo necklaces.

Have a fabulous day! Kris

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